Summary of Evidence - Global quality of life

This guideline uses the term “global quality of life” to refer to the overall wellbeing of an individual, including physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning and wellbeing, work, and general health.

Eleven RCTs out of the 45 studies included in the primary systematic review reported the outcome of global quality of life during treatment of vasomotor symptoms in women with a history of breast cancer.  Only one study reported quality of life as a primary outcome measure, while the remaining 10 studies reported quality of life as a secondary outcome measure, and frequently quality of life scores were not clearly presented. 

No systematic reviews were identified in the supplementary evidence review that included reporting of global quality of life as an outcome of interest.

Due to the poor quality of the identified studies (eg, study/outcome design, low statistical power, and inappropriate patient populations) formal Evidence Summaries have not been developed for global quality of life. However, a summary of the findings from the included studies is presented below.