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Membership of the Cancer Australia Clinical Guidance for the Management of LCIS Working Group

This guidance document was developed by a multidisciplinary working group convened by Cancer Australia.

  • Professor Sunil Lakhani (Chair) - Pathologist
  • Associate Professor Michael Bilous - Pathologist
  • Dr Jill Evans -  Radiologist
  • Adjunct Professor Warwick Lee -  Radiologist
  • Ms Sarah Pratt - Nurse Co-ordinator
  • Associate Professor Wendy Raymond -  Pathologist
  • Ms Isabelle Shapiro - Consumer Representative    
  • Mr David Speakman - Breast Surgeon
  • Professor Martin Tattersall - Medical Oncologist

Cancer Australia Staff

  • Professor Helen Zorbas - Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr Anne Nelson - Director, Evidence Translation
  • Dr Sarah Norris -  Principal Advisor, Guidelines Development
  • Dr Vivienne Milch - Manager, Breast and Gynaecological Cancers
  • Dr Briony Jack - Scientific Officer
  • Ms Sherin Chikhani -  Project Officer, Evidence Review