Our Lungs, Our Mob Community Education Resource

This resource has been designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Health Practitioners to conduct an Our Lungs, Our Mob workshop for community members. The workshop aims to increase awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer and the benefits of early diagnosis.

This resource has all the neccessary tools to organise and conduct an Our Lungs, Our Mob workshop. This includes the following, which are provided electronically on a USB: presenter's notes, a powerpoint presentation, workshop posters and invitation, activity cards and evaluation forms. A DVD with the personal stories about lung cancer is also included.

File name: 2015_atsi_olom_community_education_resource.pdf
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Cancer Type:
Lung cancer
Publication Audience:
People affected by cancer, and their family and friends
Resources for health professionals
Year: 2016
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Greater than 5 years. This resource was developed, reviewed or revised more than 5 years ago and may no longer reflect current evidence or best practice.