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Staging and grading of uterine sarcoma

The stage of a cancer is a term used to describe its size and whether it has spread beyond its original area of the body.

The grade of a cancer describes how quickly the tumour is likely to grow.

Knowing the extent of the cancer and the grade helps the doctors to decide on the most appropriate treatment.


  • The following stages are used for uterine sarcoma.
  • Stage 1: Cancer is found in the uterus only.
  • Stage 2: Cancer has spread from the uterus to the cervix.
  • Stage 3: Cancer has spread beyond the uterus and cervix, but has not spread beyond the pelvis.
  • Stage 4: Cancer has spread beyond the pelvis.
  • Recurrent: If the cancer comes back after initial treatment, this is known as recurrent cancer. Uterine sarcoma may come back in the uterus or in another part of the body.


A pathologist will use tests on your cancer biopsy to ‘grade’ your cancer. Grade refers to the extent of similarity of cancer cells to normal cells. Low-grade tumours tend to grow more slowly while high-grade tumours grow faster and spread more quickly.