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Advanced cancer

What is recurrent uterine sarcoma?

Recurrent uterine sarcoma is cancer that has recurred (come back) after it has been treated.

Recurrence is when the cancer comes back in the same part of the body. Secondary cancer is when the cancer spreads to another part of the body.

Uterine sarcoma may come back in the uterus or in other parts of the body.

Treatment options for recurrent uterine sarcoma

There is no standard treatment for recurrent uterine sarcoma. Treatment may include a clinical trial using chemotherapy.

For patients with recurrent carcinosarcoma (a certain sub-type of uterine sarcoma), treatment may include the following:

  • radiation therapy as palliative therapy to relieve symptoms (such as pain, nausea or bowel problems) and improve quality of life
  • hormone therapy
  • a clinical trial of a new treatment.