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Understanding - Managing - Living


Being told you or someone you love has lung cancer can be a very overwhelming and frightening experience.

People want to know

  • How can the cancer be treated?
  • What effect will the cancer and the treatment have on myself, my family and my life?

Lung Cancer, Understanding, Managing, Living looks at what happens when a person is diagnosed with lung cancer through to available treatments and living with cancer.

It provides expert medical information from a team of health professionals involved in caring for people with lung cancer, as well as experiences from people living with lung cancer.

If you, or someone you love has lung cancer this DVD may help you understand and make sense of what is happening and what others have experienced.

Copies of the DVD are available through Cancer Australia free of charge for all orders in Australia.

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This resources was made possible through support from:

  • Cancer Australia
  • The Australian Lung Foundation
  • Department of Nursing and Supportive Care Research, Peter Mac
  • Cancer Council Victoria
  • The Calvert-Jones Foundation
  • Serge and Matthew Pignata and the Toccolah Club