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Recovery from surgery

Surgery for cancer of the fallopian tubes is a major operation. It will take time to get back to your normal activities.

  • Rest. Recovery time varies from woman to woman. Most women feel better within six weeks but recovery may take longer for women who have had extensive surgery. You should take things easy and only do what is comfortable. When your health care team advises you to start exercising, you can start by walking. Start with a short walk and try to go a little further each day.
  • Lifting. Heavy lifting should be avoided for about three months. If you have a partner or children, ask them to help around the house. If you require some home nursing care, ask hospital staff how to get in touch with local services.
  • Driving. Avoid driving for about four weeks after the operation.
  • Sex. Penetrative sexual intercourse should be avoided for about six weeks after the operation to give your wound time to heal. Check with your doctor about when you can resume sexual intercourse.