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Who's who in breast cancer

Cancer Australia

Cancer Australia was established to benefit all Australians who are affected by cancer, and their families and carers. Cancer Australia works to reduce the impact of cancer and improve the well being of those diagnosed by ensuring that evidence informs cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care.

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA)  is the peak national organisation for Australians personally affected by breast cancer. BCNA empowers, informs, represents and links together people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. BCNA works to ensure that women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families receive the very best information, treatment, care and support possible – no matter who they are or where they live. The BCNA website has a range of breast cancer information and resources developed by women with breast cancer.

BCNA produces the My Journey Kit for women diagnosed with early breast cancer and the Hope and Hurdles kit for women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Both kits are available free of charge. They also offer a range of opportunities for breast cancer survivors to get involved.

National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded national organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer. Research programs funded by the NBCF cover every aspect of breast cancer, from increasing understanding of genetics to improving ways to support women and their families. The NBCF website lists information about fundraising events and research priorities and activities in Australia.

BreastScreen Australia

BreastScreen Australia is targeted specifically at well women without symptoms aged 50-74, although women aged 40-49 and 75 years and older are able to attend for screening. For more information visit BreastScreen Australia.