For women living in rural areas the logistical and practical challenges of accessing specialist health services and receiving treatment away from home can add more complexity to an already stressful time. Women living in rural or remote Australia can face extra challenges, including limited contact with specialist health care workers and having to travel long distances to access the full range of treatment and support services.

Cancer Australia is working on specific initiatives to improve information and supportive care for women in rural areas diagnosed with breast cancer.  These initiatives focus on improving access to information about the latest advances in breast cancer treatment and care for health professionals as well as developing and implementing innovative ways to provide support networks for rural women and health professionals.

The Supporting Women in Rural Areas Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Program is funded by the Australian Government and being delivered in collaboration with Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Information about the Stay in Touch program, which helps rural women who are undergoing radiotherapy treatment away from home to connect face-to-face with loved ones through online video communication.

Important information about breast cancer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.  Find information here about breast cancer events for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in your area.

Information about online education events designed for health professionals supporting women in rural areas.