World Ovarian Cancer Day 2016

Release Date

This World Ovarian Cancer Day, Sunday 8 May, Cancer Australia encourages all Australians to share its new online resource No one knows your body like you do to raise awareness and help women identify the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Professor Helen Zorbas, CEO of Cancer Australia, said, “Four women are diagnosed every day with ovarian cancer, the second most common gynaecological cancer and the most common cause of gynaecological cancer death in Australia.

“With Mother’s Day and World Ovarian Cancer Day on Sunday, we remember women affected by ovarian cancer and encourage all women to be aware of the symptoms of the disease. For women concerned about your family history of breast or ovarian cancer, your doctor can assess your risk using Cancer Australia’s online family history assessment tool.”

World Ovarian Cancer Day brings together international organisations to raise awareness of ovarian cancer across the world with a singular focus and message.

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