Gynaecological Cancer Update

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Gynaecological Cancer Update 2017
Cancer Australia continues to have a specific focus on gynaecological cancers as outlined in its annual Gynaecological cancer update. This summarises gynaecological cancer initiatives across Cancer Australia’s goals: Shape cancer control in Australia; Improve cancer outcomes; Strengthen capability for cancer control; and Inform effective and sustainable cancer care. 

View or download the Gynaecological cancer update.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, February, provides the opportunity to focus attention on ovarian cancer, the second most common gynaecological cancer and the most common cause of gynaecological cancer death in women in Australia.

View and share Cancer Australia’s new ovarian cancer awareness video No-one knows your body like you do on your social media platforms. You can also download the ovarian cancer awareness flyer. For more information on ovarian cancer awareness visit Cancer Australia’s awareness page.