Cancer Australia releases its 2013-14 Annual Report

Release Date

Cancer Australia is pleased to release the Cancer Australia Annual Report 2013-14.

The Annual Report outlines the important milestones and achievements by Cancer Australia during 2013-2014 as we work to reduce the impact of cancer and improve the wellbeing of all people affected by cancer across Australia.

The Annual Report sets out the outcomes achieved in the key priority areas: leadership in national cancer control; effective cancer care; priority research and strengthened national data capacity; and community access to cancer information. The Annual Report also provides information on Cancer Australia’s management and accountability and its financial results.

The Annual Report was prepared in accordance with the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997, Public Service Act 1999 and the Cancer Australia Act 2006.

Cancer Australia continues to impact on the care, support and outcomes of people affected by cancer, and we thank you for your ongoing support of
our work.