$9.9 million for research to improve life for brain cancer survivors

Release Date

The Hon. Greg Hunt

MP Minister for Health

Media release

The medical, functional and psychosocial needs of people who have survived brain cancer will be studied in a major three-year research project funded by the Morrison Government.

Almost 2,000 Australians a year are now diagnosed with brain cancer, and while brain cancer accounts for just 1.4 per cent of all cancers in Australia, it has high rates of morbidity and mortality.

A research team at the University of Sydney will receive $4.97 million to undertake a comprehensive research program across rehabilitation, assessment, and intervention, which reflects the enormous range of impacts that brain cancer has on patients, and their families and carers.

As well as immediately improving understanding of the needs of Australian brain cancer survivors, the research will lead to improved models of coordinated care, which will benefit all Australian brain cancer survivors, their families and carers.

A second research team, from the University of New South Wales, will receive $1.94 million to help childhood brain cancer survivors improve their confidence to manage their health and to improve their quality of life.

Almost all childhood brain cancer survivors have health problems after they finish cancer treatment.

This research program will create a tailored care package for each survivor, including education about healthy lifestyles, using telehealth nurse consultations and careful case review by an expert team.

The two research projects have been funded through our Government’s Australian Brain Cancer Mission. The Mission will provide a total investment of $131.2 million over 10 years from 2017, from the Morrison Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and significant donations from funding partners.

Our Government is pleased to announce an additional $3 million will be made available for grants supporting research on brain cancer survivorship through the Mission.

The new grant opportunity will open on 1 July 2020 and will support new approaches and technologies to improve communications between brain cancer survivors, their families, carers and health care professionals. Authorised by Greg Hunt MP, Liberal Party of Australia, Somerville, Victoria.

It will also target research into how information technologies and platforms can reduce physical, psychosocial and economic harm to people with brain cancer, their families and carers.

The Australian Brain Cancer Mission aims to double the survival rates and improve the quality of life of people living with brain cancer over the decade to 2027, with the longer term aim of defeating brain cancer.

Authorised by Greg Hunt MP, Liberal Party of Australia, Somerville, Victoria.