$5.9 million announced to improve outcomes in lung cancer

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$5.9 million to improve outcomes in lung cancer, Australia’s leading cause of cancer death

Australians diagnosed with lung cancer will benefit from $5.9 million over four years to Cancer Australia to improve lung cancer treatment and care

Each year, almost 10,000 people diagnosed with lung cancer in Australia. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Australia for both men and women.

“While there have been improvements in recent years on average only 14 per cent of people with lung cancer survive five years beyond their diagnosis, compared with 66 per cent for all cancers combined,” said Professor Helen Zorbas, CEO Cancer Australia.

Lung cancer survival can be impacted by early diagnosis and timely referral to specialist lung cancer services.

“Through this funding, Cancer Australia will develop evidence-based guidance for health professionals to promote early diagnosis, appropriate referral and best practice treatment of people with lung cancer, as well as supporting lung cancer research,” Professor Zorbas said.

Cancer Australia will also continue to raise community awareness of the symptoms of the lung cancer and the importance of early diagnosis.

This will build on Cancer Australia’s work to date which has developed the evidence-base to guide lung cancer care and treatment services in Australia, and increased understanding of the impact of lung cancer on those diagnosed, their families and carers.

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