What are the symptoms of vulval cancer?


Symptoms of vulvar cancer include: 

  • a lump on the vulva 
  • itching of the vulva that does not go away 
  • changes in the skin of the vulva, including colour changes or growths that look like a wart or ulcer 
  • bleeding that is not related to menstruation 
  • pain or tenderness in the vulvar area. 
  • Women should take such symptoms seriously and not assume that all itching is thrush. Talk to your GP if you are concerned.  


Screening is the use of tests to detect a disease in people who have no symptoms.  

There is no specific vulvar cancer screening program. 

However, the cervical screening test is a swab test that looks for signs of HPV infection in your cervix, which may develop into cervical cancer. HPV infection is also a cause of vulvar cancer.  

If you have a positive cervical screening test result, you might see a gynaecologist, who will look for signs of other types of gynaecological cancers, not just cervical cancer. 

All women who have ever had sex should have a cervical screening test every 5 years from the ages of 25 to 74 years. The cervical screening test replaced the Pap smear.