The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) gives members of the public a general right of access to documents of an agency and official documents of a Minister, other than exempt documents.

The FOI Act allows individuals access to their personal records held by Government and enables them to correct any personal information that is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading.

Information that we have released in response to a FOI request under the FOI Act can be obtained through our FOI disclosure log.

Documents available outside the FOI Act

Certain Cancer Australia information can be obtained from the Cancer Australia website without following a formal process under the FOI Act. Check the information published on this website under the Information Publication Scheme Plan.

How to apply for access to documents

To make an FOI request applicants should:

  • apply in writing. This can be either by email to, or a letter posted to:
    Freedom of Information
    Cancer Australia
    Locked Bag 3
  • state that documents are being sought for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act;
  • specify a postal or email address where correspondence can be sent;
  • provide a telephone number (or email address), as this will also be helpful in case further information is required; and
  • describe as clearly as possible the information being sought. Include any reference numbers or articles that may assist in identifying specific material.

The request will be valid from the date that the request has been clearly clarified.

If an applicant asks a third party to make an FOI request on their behalf, the person applying needs to provide to Cancer Australia a specific, written authority to send copies of documents to the applicant, care of that person, or to allow that person to inspect copies of documents containing information about the applicant.

For assistance with FOI requests, please contact the Cancer Australia FOI Contact Officer on (+612) 9357 9400 or by email at