Cancer Australia is a specialist agency providing leadership in cancer control across all cancers and across the continuum of care. Cancer Australia also focuses on populations which experience poorer health outcomes, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people living in rural and remote Australia.

Cancer Australia builds the evidence base, analyses, interprets and translates the latest scientific cancer research and data to inform policy and practice, and to provide information and expert advice on cancer control to governments, health professionals and the community.

Cancer Australia's work to minimise the burden of cancer, is achieved by harnessing expertise, effective partnerships, and a collaborative model that fosters engagement across the health system.

Cancer Australia's Strategic Plan 2014-2019  brings together the shared views and considered input of Cancer Australia’s many and varied stakeholders gleaned through an extensive consultation process. We sincerely thank the government and non-government organisations, clinical colleges and individuals across Australia representing all sectors, population groups and jurisdictions, who participated so enthusiastically in the development of this Strategic Plan.