Gaining patient consent for billing

It is the responsibility of each billing practitioner to ensure that the patient is informed that a charge will be incurred for the multidisciplinary meeting. This task may be delegated to one member of the team representing all billing practitioners. Regardless of who gains consent the explanation should include:

  • explaining to the patient the nature of the multidisciplinary meeting and asking the patient whether he or she agrees to the meeting taking place
  • informing the patient that his or her medical history, diagnosis and care preferences will be discussed with other care providers
  • providing an opportunity for the patient to specify what medical and personal information he or she does not want to be conveyed to the other members of the multidisciplinary care team
  • informing the patient that he or she will incur a charge for the service provided by the practitioner(s) for which a Medicare rebate will be payable
  • informing the patient of any additional costs he or she will incur.

If consent is delegated to a member of the treatment team who is not a billing practitioner, and if the patient identifies information he or she does not wish to share with some or all members of the multidisciplinary team, the lead practitioner should be informed accordingly.

See also - Keeping the patient informed