A list of breast cancer data sets is provided below.

  • Breast cancer specific data items for clinical cancer registration
    Publication date: June 2009
    National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC)* has developed breast cancer specific data items for clinical cancer registration and data dictionary definitions to facilitate comparative analysis and, where appropriate, data pooling. The data dictionary definitions were developed through an NBOCC* multidisciplinary working group, in consultation with key stakeholders, and are drawn from data dictionary definitions in key datasets already in use across Australia. (54 page document).
  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2009. Canberra: Breast cancer (Cancer registries) Data Set Specification, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
    Publication date: 6 March, 2009
    This breast cancer data set is not mandated for collection but is recommended as best practice if breast cancer data are to be collected. The data set would allow common, consistent and high quality breast cancer data to be collected by State and Territory cancer registries and collated nationally. This data will help inform research, policy, planning and guideline development work in the breast cancer area. Breast cancer may be used as a forerunner for other cancers in terms of establishing common data collections across cancer registries.This data set includes 20 items, with the inclusion of five new standards and the addition of further detail to several existing standards.