The Australian Brain Cancer Mission is underpinned by investment strategies with the following four objectives:

  • Increased patient survival, quality of life and care experience;
  • Increased and equitable access and participation in clinical trials;
  • Expanded research platforms and technologies;
  • Increased researcher capacity and excellence.

Ten key principles are provided as a reference for these investment decisions:

  • Research is essential for the improvement of healthcare;
  • Patients and carers are partners in healthcare and research;
  • Equity of care and research access regardless of social, economic or geographic circumstance is vital;
  • Consistent adherence to best practice by health professionals is critical to reducing variability in health outcomes;
  • Encourage and facilitate domestic and international collaboration to consolidate expertise and dedicate effort;
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration (e.g. oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, radiation-oncology, biology, bioinformatics, neuroscience) is paramount;
  • Attracting talent to the field of study will lift Australia’s capacity to make an impact;
  • National clinical trial operating capacity, data and infrastructure support will enhance collaboration, translation and impact;
  • Disease heterogeneity and differences between paediatric and adult brain cancer experience makes it unlikely that there will be a single cure, therefore, persistence and resilience must be maintained;
  • Investment must focus on the best ideas and talent, and opportunities for impact.