Treatment for cancer can last for a long time, and some people find it hard to come to terms with treatment ending. Some people say they feel like a different person after cancer.

Family, friends and colleagues may expect you to be ‘back to normal’ when treatment is over. But for you, ‘normal’ may not mean quite the same thing as it did before your diagnosis. You may feel differently about your body or your relationships, or you may have different priorities now that treatment is over. Some people find it hard to manage these changes.

It can be helpful to talk to friends and family about how you’re feeling. If you’re anxious or worried about what the future holds, talk to a member of your treatment team. Remember, the feelings of anxiety, sadness, fear or worry will not last forever. Most people find that things improve with support and with time.

Some people find that a diagnosis of cancer gives them a new perspective on life and makes them rethink what is important to them. You may find yourself considering new directions for your work or social activities, or you may find you make new friends through your cancer journey. For some people, the experience of being diagnosed and treated for cancer provides opportunities they would not have considered before their diagnosis.