Research is ongoing to find new ways to diagnose and treat a range of cancers. You may be invited to participant in a clinical trial to test new treatments. 

A clinical trial is a research study that tests and compares different ways of improving people’s health. Trials may look at whether a treatment is safe, its side effects or how well a treatment or procedure works. Some trials look at how well treatments control symptoms or whether they improve quality of life. 

The main purpose of a clinical trial is to find out whether a new treatment is safe and effective. New medicines are first tested in the laboratory before being tested on people in trials. 

Australian Cancer Trials is a free information service that shows you the latest clinical trials in cancer care, including trials that are currently recruiting participants. Australian Cancer Trials aims to help you and your cancer specialist make decisions about your cancer care options, including clinical trials. 

Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry

Searchable register of clinical trials available in Australia.