Once treatment is over, there may be a number of practical issues to consider such as legal or insurance issues, returning to work and financial concerns.

Financial concerns

Cancer treatment can be an expensive process. Costs can include the cost of treatment, accommodation, travel and child care. You may also have lost income during treatment because you have taken time off work.

Getting back on track financially may be an important priority for you once treatment is over.

You may want to seek financial advice, talk to a financial counsellor or check if you are eligible for any benefits. 

For more information about financial concerns and support, visit Cancer Council Australia or contact them on 13 11 20.

Work after cancer

Following a diagnosis of cancer most people re-evaluate their work circumstances. Some are able to continue employment largely uninterrupted. Others are forced or choose to cease work permanently as a result of the effects of the disease or as a result of a re-evaluation of their lives following the diagnosis. Some people reduce or cease their work for physical and psychological reasons during the intense period of cancer treatment.

For more information about work during and after a cancer diagnosis, visit the Work after Cancer website. It provides advice to people diagnosed with cancer, their loved ones, clinicians and employers about their options, rights and responsibilities.

Work after cancer was developed by Flinders University through Cancer Australia’s Supporting people with cancer Grant Initiative, funded by the Australian Government.