Making multidisciplinary care work

Managing change

The success of strategies to implement or improve MDC will depend on the willingness of team members to change established processes and adopt new working practices. This process will be facilitated by ensuring that team members have an understanding of the benefits of the new processes being implemented.

It may be valuable to seek assistance from other groups who have already established regular meetings, with the aim of providing practical advice about overcoming particular barriers. Setting milestones as a team and reviewing progress at intervals will also ensure ongoing engagement in the process by team members. Ultimately the goal will be to embed the culture of MDC into everyday practice so that meetings become habitual and team decision making occurs as a matter of course.


The following factors will ensure sustainability of MDC:

  • allocating dedicated funds and personnel to maintain, support and improve MDC strategies
  • ensuring MDC case conference meetings are held routinely, so that meeting preparation and participation become habitual for participants
  • encouraging commitment to participation in MDC case conference meetings by participants through demonstration of benefits
  • enlisting a ‘champion’ to drive the MDC strategies, particularly in the early stages
  • developing contingency plans to allow for changes in personnel and organisational structure
  • support from senior health administrators for MDC.