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Frequently asked questions about screening for ovarian cancer

This information covers screening for ovarian cancer i.e. the testing of women at population risk who have no symptoms that might be ovarian cancer. It has been developed to support discussion with a woman about screening for ovarian cancer.

This resource has been superseded in part or full by Testing for ovarian cancer in asymptomatic women and Frequently Asked Questions on Position Statement – Testing for Ovarian Cancer in Asymptomatic Women.

File name: fqosw-screening-for-ovarian-cancer-faq_504af034708c9.pdf
File size: 157.13 KB
Cancer Type: Ovarian cancer
Publication Audience: Resources for health professionals
Year: 2009
Document Status: Greater than 5 years

This resource was developed, reviewed or revised more than 5 years ago and may no longer reflect current evidence or best practice.