Breast reconstruction for women with a breast cancer diagnosis


Women who have a mastectomy as treatment for breast cancer may have one or both breasts removed. Breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer may involve one or both breasts

gettyimages_1083153501.jpgBreast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer may be done at the same time as mastectomy (immediate breast reconstruction) or at a later time in a separate operation months or years down the track (delayed breast mastectomy).

The decision about whether to have an immediate breast reconstruction or a delayed breast reconstruction depends on a number of things, including what treatments you are having after mastectomy.

"I became really angry at this thing about the concentration on 'You've lost a breast, you're no longer a woman'.  And I sort of thought... Well you know, blow that, I'm more than a breast you know."

Some women decide that they do not want to have a breast reconstruction at all. If this is your choice, you have the option of using external breast prostheses. A delayed breast reconstruction may be an option later if you change your mind.

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