Sleeping difficulties

What causes it?
  • Side effects of some drugs
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Pain
How to manage
  • Finding out what’s causing sleeping difficulties can help you find ways to manage it

Tips to help you sleep better

The following tips are based on the experience of health professionals and women themselves:

  • tell your healthcare team about any pain or other symptoms you have
  • do some gentle exercise each day – ask your doctor, nurse or physiotherapist about exercises you can do even if you are in bed or sitting down for much of the day
  • try and get into a routine during the day with visits from friends to keep you busy and stop you from dozing during the day
  • avoid coffee, tea and other drinks with caffeine in them in the afternoon and evening
  • have a warm drink such as herbal tea or warm milk before you go to bed
  • try deep breathing and relaxation
  • have a massage from a qualified massage therapist or a friend or partner
  • have a warm bath before you go to bed
  • try putting essential oils, such as lavender oil, on your pillow
  • if you have problems sleeping, use the time to read or listen to music.