Questions to ask about breast cancer diagnosis



When discussing possible tests to investigate breast changes with your doctor, you may want to ask: 

  • Which tests do I need to have? 
  • What will the test show? 
  • What are the risks of the test? 
  • What will the test involve? 
  • How much will the test cost? 
  • How will I feel during/after the test? 
  • Can I bring a friend/family member with me while I have the test? 
  • Can you write my test results down? 
  • Will the results of my tests make any difference to what treatments I can have? 

When discussing breast cancer test results, you may want to ask: 

  • Where is my breast cancer? 
  • Can I have a copy of my pathology report? 
  • Can you explain my pathology report to me? 
  • Is my breast cancer hormone receptor positive or HER2 positive? What does this mean for me? 
  • Can you write down what you have told me so that I can read it again later? 

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