Impact of breast cancer diagnosis on family and friends


A diagnosis of breast cancer can have a significant impact on family and friends. They might need support themselves and they may need advice about how they can help the person who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The way family and friends cope and react has a direct impact on a woman’s cancer experience. Supportive family and friends can make all the difference. Many women find that friends and family are very supportive, but sometimes it can be disappointing when people don’t offer the support they feel they need. Some women find that friends and colleagues don’t know how to talk to them about their cancer and tend to stay away. Others say that they are pleasantly surprised by the level of support and understanding provided by others.

Even if a woman has support from family and friends, there are other sources of support. Local community groups, neighbours, members of the treatment team, support groups and religious organisations can all be a valuable source of help.

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