Managing pain


Metastatic breast cancer affects different women in different ways. Some women have no pain, others find that pain affects them at certain times of the day or night or while doing different activities. The type and level of pain experienced by two women who have cancer in the same parts of the body may not be the same. Not everyone with metastatic breast cancer finds it painful.  Pain caused by metastatic breast cancer doesn’t always get worse with time.

Cancer pain can usually be controlled. It’s rare to have cancer pain that cannot be lessened or changed

What causes pain for women with metastatic breast cancer?

Understanding the reasons for cancer pain can help when working out the best way to manage the pain.

Cancer pain may be caused by:

  • cancer pressing on nerves or soft tissue in the body
  • side effects of treatment, such as radiotherapy or surgery
  • a bone fracture
  • cancer in the bone
  • infection
  • a blood clot caused by cancer or its treatment
  • a blockage in the bowel.

Pain may also be due to other medical conditions that have nothing to do with the cancer.

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