Tips for making decisions


Women can be fully involved in all decisions about their treatment for breast cancer. Everyone has the right to a second opinion at any time.

Tips for making decisions about treatment

  • Ask your doctor about the possible benefits and side effects of each treatment.
  • A diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming. You’ll be given lots of information and you may find it difficult to remember everything. Ask your doctor to repeat things or write things down for you.  
  • Ask for time to read about different treatments or to talk to family and friends if you feel you need to.
  • It’s OK to take a week or two to decide about treatment. This can allow time to choose which treatment is right for you and to make practical arrangements. Taking a week or two to decide will not affect the treatment outcome.
  • If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to talk to someone else about your treatment options, ask your GP or specialist to refer you to another doctor. You may decide after seeing another doctor that you would prefer the original doctor to manage your treatment. The fact that you have seen someone else should not affect how the first doctor manages your treatment.
  • After weighing up the benefits and side effects, you may decide not to have a particular treatment. Discuss your decision with your healthcare team and those close to you.