Members of the team


The following health professionals may be involved in the care of a woman with breast cancer:

  • general practitioner: provides ongoing care and works with other members of the treatment team
  • surgeon: specialises in surgery, including biopsies
  • pathologist: examines cells, tissue and blood from the body
  • radiologist: examines mammograms, ultrasounds, X-rays and other imaging results and may perform biopsies or help locate cancers prior to surgery
  • radiation oncologist: specialises in radiotherapy
  • radiation therapist: assists in planning and giving radiotherapy
  • medical oncologist: specialises in cancer drugs such as hormonal therapies, chemotherapy and targeted therapies
  • breast care nurse: specialises in caring for people with breast cancer
  • oncology nurse: specialises in caring for people with cancer
  • research nurse: assists in the planning and coordination of clinical research studies and clinical trials
  • psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor: specialise in providing emotional support and managing anxiety and depression
  • social worker: specialises in providing emotional support, counselling and advice about some practical and legal matters
  • welfare worker: provides practical support and advice
  • physiotherapist, occupational therapist: assist with exercise and pain management
  • dietitian: specialises in providing advice about what to eat
  • palliative care specialist, palliative care nurse: specialise in providing practical support and symptom relief
  • community/district nurse: provides care and support at home
  • community palliative care team: provide practical support and symptom relief at home
  • plastic surgeon: specialises in breast reconstruction after breast surgery
  • pharmacist: specialises in supplying, dispensing and manufacturing drugs
  • pastoral care/religious representative: provides spiritual support.