Body image


Breast cancer and its treatment can mean changes to the way a woman’s body looks and how she feels about her body.

Regardless of what treatments a woman has or how her body looks after treatment, she may feel differently about her body after treatment for breast cancer. Women may be unhappy with their body size or shape or about scars from surgery. This can affect a woman’s self confidence.

Some women worry about how their body changes will impact on relationships with others, especially intimate relationships. Others find that they love their body more after breast cancer, as they come to terms with what they have been through and realise that they have an inner strength that they didn’t recognise before.

Breast prostheses and breast reconstruction can improve a woman’s body shape after surgery and can help improve confidence. Some women who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy find that wearing a wig, turban or scarf can help them feel more confident while their hair grows back.

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