Cancer is the major cause of burden of disease in Australia with significant impacts on individuals, families and the community. A coordinated and evidence-based approach to cancer control is essential to effectively address the future challenges posed by cancer and to reduce duplication of resources and effort.

Cancer Australia aims to minimise the impact of cancer in the community by working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders and partners in cancer control including: Governments; community; Commonwealth Agencies; private health service providers; researchers and clinical trial groups; health professionals and professional colleges; cancer organisations and people affected by cancer.

Cancer Australia will partner and engage across sectors to encourage transferability and adoption of best practices. This will help to address unwarranted variations and improve quality of care and cancer outcomes for all patients, irrespective of their socio-demographics or where they enter the health system.

Cancer Australia will inform, engage and partner to lead, shape and create value in national cancer control and to deliver effective cancer care.  

We will analyse and translate the best available evidence derived from research and data into effective measures to address current and future cancer control challenges.

Our work is guided by Advisory, Reference and Working Groups which ensure our outcomes are relevant and have the input of national and international experts.

The following links provide an overview of other cancer organisations and agencies with responsibilities for cancer control. It is not intended to be a complete list.