On this page you will find a repository of national and international guidance for health professionals on cancer management and COVID-19. The page has been updated to 09 July 2021 and is no longer being actively maintained. For advice specific to the health sector, please refer to the Department of Health and Aged Care's website.



Palliative care and COVID-19
Date: Apr-2020
Audience: Health professionals and community
Purpose: List of resources to support health professionals, care staff and the wider community to prepare for the likelihood that COVID-19 will cause significant mortality.


The British Psychological Society - Faculty for Oncology & Palliative Care
Psychological insights for cancer services recovery planning
Date: 08-Jul-20
Audience: Psycho-oncologists
Purpose: Recommendations for psycho-oncology and palliative care services to respond effectively in the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.