Grants and funding opportunities

Cancer Australia administers several grants programs, providing support for cancer research, cancer clinical trials and cancer support networks. We work in partnership with other organisations and groups to ensure the most effective and efficient use of our resources.

All Cancer Australia grant opportunities and grants awarded are published on the Australian Government’s grants information system, GrantConnect

At times, as part of our other work programs, we also seek through a Request for Tenders process, to engage outside organisations to undertake specific work on our behalf. Requests for tenders are advertised on the AusTender website and may be advertised in the media.

  • Supporting people with cancer Grant initiative
    Cancer Australia’s Supporting people with cancer Grant initiative aims to support people affected by cancer through the provision of grants to community organisations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations. The Grant initiative is an annual program that invites applications through an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme
    The Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme is an innovative annual national research project grants funding scheme which brings together government and other funders to collaboratively fund cancer research in Australia.
  • Support for Cancer Clinical Trials Program
    The Support for Cancer Clinical trials program provides capacity building support to Australia’s Multi-site Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Groups to develop cancer clinical trial protocols to the stage of application for grant funding.

The Cancer Australia Procurement and Grants Complaint Handling Policy (DOC 47.5KB) (PDF 118 KB)  provides guidance to participants in procurement or grants processes who wish to lodge a complaint.