Types of Endometrial cancer


Endometrial cancer is also called endometrial carcinoma. Most endometrial cancers are called adenocarcinomas, or endometrioid cancer, which start in glandular cells. Adenocarcinoma makes up the majority of uterine cancers. There are many subtypes of adenocarcinomas:[1] 

  • adenocarcinoma (with squamous differentiation) 
  • adenosquamous (or mixed cell) 
  • secretory carcinoma 
  • villoglandular adenocarcinoma 
  • serous adenocarcinoma. 

Other, less common types of endometrial cancer include:[2] 

  • uterine carcinosarcoma 
  • squamous cell carcinoma 
  • small cell carcinoma 
  • transitional carcinoma 
  • serous carcinoma.