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Clinical practice guidelines and other guidelines relating to melanoma

Optimal cancer care pathways for melanoma

The Optimal Care Pathways outline consistent, safe, high-quality and evidence-based care for people with cancer. Relevant to every step along the cancer continuum, the Optimal Care Pathways aim to improve patient outcomes for people affected by cancer and ensure that Australians diagnosed with cancer receive the best care irrespective of where they live or receive cancer treatment. 

The Optimal Care Pathways set out key principles for optimal cancer care at each step of the patient journey from prevention through to survivorship and end of life care, and optimal timeframes within which tests or procedures should be completed. 

Consumer versions of the Optimal Care Pathways are available to help patients and their families, and carers to understand the optimal cancer care that should be provided from diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond. They are available in multiple languages. 

The Guides to Best Cancer Care include optimal timeframes within which tests or procedures should be completed; prompt lists to support patients to understand what might happen at each step of their cancer experience and to consider what questions to ask; and provide information to help patients and carers communicate with health professionals. 

Help your patients and their families and carers understand the process they are going through by printing and sharing these guides as appropriate. 

For more information about melanoma diagnosis and treatment

See the National Cancer Institute (US), Melanoma treatment (PDQ®) – health professional version

When reading materials that are published in other countries, note that some of the information may not apply to Australian patients.