Membership of Cancer Australia Review of clinical practice guidelines – chemotherapy for ovarian cancer Working Group

This guideline was developed by a multidisciplinary working group convened by Cancer Australia.

  • Dr Christopher Steer (Chair) - Medical oncologist
  • Mr Keith Cox OAM - Nurse Practitioner
  • Dr Jeffery Goh - Medical oncologist
  • Dr Susan Jordan - Epidemiologist
  • Ms Eugenia Koussidis - Consumer
  • Professor Yee Leung - Gynaecological Oncologist
  • A/Professor Penny Webb - Epidemiologist
  • Ms Nicole Wilton - Consumer representative

Cancer Australia Staff

  • Ms Katrina Anderson - Senior Project Officer, Evidence Review
  • Ms Jennifer Chynoweth - General Manager, Cancer Care, Project Sponsor
  • Mr Paul Cramer - General Manager, Programs, Project Sponsor
  • Ms Jane Francis - Manager, Gynaecological Cancers
  • Ms Emma Hanks - Senior Project Officer
  • Ms Charmaine Larment - Senior Project Officer
  • Ms Lara Matkovic - Senior Project Officer  
  • Dr Anne Nelson -  Manager, Evidence Review
  • Ms Sue Sinclair - General Manager, Service Delivery and Clinical Practice, Project Sponsor
  • Ms Rosemary Wade - Senior Project Officer, Research

External Review

Cancer Australia acknowledges those who gave their time to provide comment on the draft guideline recommendations as part of the external review process.