Ongoing trials

Clinical trials are an important way to improve treatment for people with cancer. The results of clinical trials today will help people with cancer in the future. Participating in a clinical trial may be of direct benefit to women with epithelial ovarian cancer.  For more information about clinical trials visit Australian Cancer Trials at

There are a number of trials investigating the first-line chemotherapy for women with epithelial ovarian cancer. A summary of trials is outlined in the Cancer Australia systematic review, Appendix L.9

Areas for ongoing research for first-line adjuvant treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer include:

  • Effective chemotherapy regimen
  • Effective schedule for chemotherapy regimens
  • Effective mode of administration of chemotherapy

A number of international trials are in progress to further assess the applicability of dose-dense regimens for use in other populations, including the Italian trial MITO7, ICON8 AND GOG 262.

Other international trials that are in progress which are of interest are GINECO and GOG 273.