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Workshops for indigenous health workers


This workshop aims to provide Indigenous health workers with an understanding of the management of secondary lymphoedema, and is designed to be delivered as part of a comprehensive cancer training module for Indigenous health workers.

The workshop is designed to be run over 50 minutes. It is intended that the module be delivered by an Indigenous health worker or educator and lymphoedema practitioner. The presenters’ notes include tips for planning, promoting and delivering the workshop.

Following the workshop, participants will:

  • gain an understanding of secondary lymphoedema and its incidence in Australia
  • understand the role of the Indigenous health worker in educating patients about risk factors and treatment strategies for secondary lymphoedema
  • identify care and support issues for Indigenous people with secondary lymphoedema
  • identify resources on secondary lymphoedema for Indigenous health workers and consumers.

Workshop resources

The CD-ROM for this workshop includes:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • presenter’s notes
  • workshop agenda (template)
  • workshop evaluation form (template)
  • The management of secondary lymphoedema: a guide for health professionals
  • consumer booklet titled Lymphoedema – what you need to know
  • Indigenous consumer brochure.

To order the module please call: 1800 624 973