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Family history assessment

Family history assessment

FRA-BOC Introduction

The Familial Risk Assessment - Breast and Ovarian Cancer (FRA-BOC) on-line tool:

  • is designed for use by health professionals such as general practitioners and nurses
  • assists health professionals to reassure the majority of women who are at population risk, based on their family history
  • identifies women who should be referred to a family cancer clinic for further assessment and advice
  • covers most family history scenarios although it should be noted that not every scenario is able to be covered, for example, families where the family history of breast and ovarian cancer is unknown, families that are very small, or families which are predominantly male. For these women, a further individualised risk assessment may be appropriate.

Please note:

  • Family history should be updated regularly – it may change with time
  • An absence of family history does not mean there is no risk of breast/ovarian cancer.
  • A FRA-BOC risk assessment places a woman within one of three broad risk categories. This helps determine appropriate management e.g. reassurance or possible referral to a family cancer clinic for further assessment.
  • FRA-BOC uses sufficient information to broadly determine a risk category, so in some cases additional questions, such as whether a woman has a relative with bilateral breast cancer, will not appear.
  • FRA-BOC estimates risk based on family history alone. Other factors may increase or decrease a womans risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.

The FRA-BOC algorithm and all aspects of presentation are owned by and copyright of Cancer Australia, 2011.