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Online GP learning - Breast Health module


The Breast Health module is an educational module designed for GPs, women's health nurse practitioners, breast health nurses and practice nurses.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, participants should be able to:

  1. assess and investigate a patient who presents with a new breast symptom
  2. demonstrate and document how to work through the systematic management  process, the triple test, which will detect more than 99% of breast cancers
  3. inform and counsel women and their families about risk of breast cancer
  4. inform and counsel women about primary prevention measures to help decrease the incidence of breast cancer
  5. inform and counsel patients and their families and address issues of follow-up and survivorship for patients living with breast cancer .

The vital role of the GP in early detection of breast cancer, supporting women with breast cancer and implementing primary and metastatic breast cancer prevention strategies is discussed and illustrated through a series of interactive case studies.

Quality assurance and continuing professional development

This module has been designed as an RACGP Category 1 QA & CPD activity.

Module structure

The module is divided into a number of separate but related components:

  • a pre-course activity
  • an outline of strategies alerting the reader to:
    - the importance of early detection and
    - how NOT to miss a breast cancer
  • a series of case studies to illustrate this information
  • a post-course activity.