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Education Program in Cancer Care


Cancer Australia worked with the Medical Oncology Group of Australia and learned medical colleges to develop the Education Program In Cancer Care (EPICC) for non-specialist medical practitioners.

The program is based on a multidisciplinary model of care, with the aim of building the knowledge, skills and expertise of general practitioners to support and increase their role across the cancer control continuum. This will include the active management of treatment-related toxicities and support in continuing to manage key transitions for people affected by cancer through their care pathway.

From August 2010, the EPICC online education program became available on the RRMEO platform managed by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

As part of the arrangement for the College to host the Program as part of its online education materials the Program has been granted Professional Development Points PDP by the College.

EPICC modules cover:

  • General Principles of Cancer Care
  • Types of Cancer Treatment
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • Multidisciplinary Care Teams
  • Side Effects of Treatment and Symptom Management
  • Oncological Emergencies
  • Psychosocial Care
  • Follow Up