Questions to ask about breast cancer and menopause


Listed below are some questions that may be helpful when talking about menopause and breast cancer:

  • What’s the risk that the treatments you are recommending for me will cause early menopause?
  • How soon after treatment starts should I expect menopausal symptoms, if any?
  • What level of menopausal symptoms is normal?
  • Will my periods stop as a result of my treatment?
  • I am planning a first or further pregnancy. Can I speak to a fertility specialist before starting treatment for breast cancer?
  • What contraception should I/my partner be using? For how long should I use contraception?
  • Can you refer me to a menopause specialist to discuss my symptoms and how they affect me and my family?
  • Apart from menopause, what else might be causing my symptoms?
  • Can I talk to someone about how I’m feeling?
  • Can I speak to a dietitian?
  • What level and types of exercise are suitable for me?
  • How will menopause affect my sex life?
  • What products can I use to help manage vaginal dryness?
  • Can I/my partner speak to a sexual therapist/counsellor?
  • What treatments are available if I have severe menopausal symptoms?
  • What’s known about the effectiveness of the treatment you are recommending?
  • Will the treatment you’re recommending affect my risk of breast cancer coming back or developing a new breast cancer?
  • Does the treatment you are recommending contain hormones or compounds that act like hormones? How do you know that this is safe for me to take after breast cancer?
  • What’s known about the long-term effects of the treatment you’re recommending?
  • Will this treatment affect my risk of osteoporosis? Can this be monitored?