Regaining sexual confidence


For most people sex is more than arousal, intercourse and orgasms. It involves feelings about intimacy and acceptance, as well as being able to give and receive love.

If we are not comfortable with the way we feel about our bodies, this may affect our confidence and desire for sex.

Some people worry about being rejected by their partner, or any new partner, because of changes to their body, whether these changes are visible or not.

It is sometimes difficult to communicate sexual needs, fears or worries with your partner in an intimate relationship, but you may be surprised and encouraged by the amount of tolerance, trust, tenderness and love that exists between you.

However, problems can arise because of misunderstandings, differing expectations, and different ways of adapting to changes to your sex life. If this happens, you may find counselling helpful, either with your partner or on your own. You may be able to work through these challenges towards a new closeness and understanding. Even if it's difficult, try to talk with your partner about how you are feeling and share your fears and concerns. Ways can be found to adapt to your situation and help you feel closer to each other.