Loss of appetite

What causes it?
  • The cancer itself
  • Treatments for metastatic breast cancer
  • Drugs for pain or symptom relief
  • Being less active
How to treat
  • Seek advice from an accredited practising dietitian
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals
  • Treatment with drugs such as medroxyprogresterone or steroids

Tips to help with appetite loss

The following tips are based on the experience of health professionals and women themselves:

  • eat small meals and snacks as often as you can during the day
  • eat a variety of foods and try to include foods that are high in fibre
  • choose foods you think you will enjoy and treat yourself when you feel like it
  • use ready-made foods if you are too tired to cook
  • drink protein and carbohydrate drinks if you find it difficult to eat solid food
  • don’t force yourself to eat if you can’t face it but take advantage of those times when you do feel able to eat.