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Women in a same-sex relationship

You may feel that your sexuality isn’t mentioned when discussing the effects of treatment on sexuality. Many of the issues are the same for you as for other women. You may also feel distressed by the impact on your body image, sexual functioning and fertility.

The different nature of your sexuality may help you cope with changes in sexual functioning after cancer treatment. Receiving pleasure from different forms of sexual stimulation and not always having to rely on penetrative sex may help you continue your sex life, if penetrative sex is too painful or just not possible for a while.


  • Try to be open with your doctor about your sexuality. This will help them understand your needs. This will be easier if you find someone you can trust.
  • Take your partner along to doctors’ visits. This will show your doctors who’s important to you and your partner can be included in discussions and treatment plans.
  • Talk to someone who has a greater understanding of same sex lifestyles. Call the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20 for suggestions.