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Strategic Plan 2014-2019


Cancer Australia are pleased to present the Cancer Australia Strategic Plan 2014-2019. Cancer Australia Strategic Plan 2014-19 front cover

Cancer remains a national health priority in Australia with significant implications for individuals, families, communities and the health system. Cancer Australia's Strategic Plan 2014-2019 has been developed taking account the current and projected cancer impact, the Australian cancer control context and the unique contribution of Cancer Australia within that context.

National cancer control requires partnership and coordination across sectors and groups to harness and leverage collaboration agreements and reduce duplication. This Strategic Plan brings together the shared views and considered input of our stakeholders gleaned through an extensive consultation process.

The importance of a strategic approach to national cancer control remains as strong and relevant as ever. There is a clear imperative for investment decisions to deliver optimal outcomes for people with cancer as well as value for the health system. The demand for the analysis and interpretation of the best available evidence to underpin these decisions will increase, as will the need for innovative and sustainable responses to current and emerging challenges

We look forward to working with Government and the cancer control community around a shared agenda, to deliver informed and effective cancer control and ultimately better outcomes for all people affected by cancer in Australia.