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World Ovarian Cancer Day - No one knows your body like you do

This World Ovarian Cancer Day, Thursday 8 May, Cancer Australia is calling on women to know their own bodies, so they can identify and act on the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Worldwide, it is estimated that approximately 250,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 150,000 deaths will be attributed to the disease this year. In Australia, an estimated 1,500 women will be diagnosed in 2014.

Despite some improvement in the survival rate over recent years, the prognosis for women with ovarian cancer remains poor, with only 43 out of every 100 women alive 5 years after diagnosis.

To assist women in identifying and acting on the symptoms of ovarian cancer, Cancer Australia is inviting people to share an animated video titled ‘No one knows your body like you do’.

The video prompts women to familiarise themselves with their bodies and encourages them to test their knowledge of ovarian cancer using Cancer Australia’s interactive video quiz.

Cancer Australia CEO, Professor Helen Zorbas said the video helps women to know the facts, so they can act on any changes that may be ovarian cancer.

“Today, on World Ovarian Cancer Day, I encourage all Australians to share this video with women in their life.” Professor Zorbas said.

“Currently, there is no effective screening test for ovarian cancer, which means it’s vital for women to be aware of the symptoms of the disease.”

“The symptoms of ovarian cancer can be vague and are common, such as abdominal bloating, back pain, appetite loss, changes in toilet habits, unexpected weight gain or weight loss, indigestion or even fatigue.”

“If you experience any of these symptoms, and they are persistent and unusual for you, it’s important to see your doctor.”

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